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Industrial Design 

This is a personal sleep and entertainment electronic product design, suitable for the dormitory environment.


Sustainability For A Fashion House

Upcycling / Strategy / Fashion /CMF/ Product Design

We received an invitation from the director of DELICATES to help define the brand's sustainable strategy. In this project, we developed sustainable new materials and new product lines and launched them into the market.


Branding/Product design

The brand name is ORELAX, which is a combination of organic and relaxed. An elegant and fashionable woman, everything around her should be matched with her, including sanitary napkins, and the original intention of our brand was born.


YFN--Your Future Navigatation

Concept / Sneaker Design

This is a concept shoe designed for ANTA. In the highly urbanized and increasingly fierce social competition in the future, people from all aspects to seek a solution to remove the political, cultural, economic, and status labels. People began fleeing the city for the desert, and a pair of outdoor sneakers was born.

Data Center Energy Recovery Program

​System / Product Design

The concept service designed for Alibaba Cloud aims to solve the problem of data center energy recycling, thus improving the quality of education in Guizhou Province.

截屏2021-07-29 下午7.51.48.png


Concept / Product Design

This is a concept product designed for LG. The LG skylight is a moving screen that connects the wall to the ceiling. It is a work of art that fits your elegant lifestyle, with a TV that appears when you need it, and becoming the compluvium of your house when you don't and taking you out naturally.

The Future of Food & Agriculture

Speculative Design

We envision the UK government making a range of policy changes to address these challenges, such as eradicating hunger and food insecurity, improving the productivity and sustainable use of existing natural resources, and adapting to future climate change. In this scenario, we use a series of props and photos to depict the future of food and agriculture changes.

截屏2022-04-08 下午11.56.44.png


System Design

Global warming, heatwaves and the UHI effect are driving huge demand for cooling, behind all the cooling devices we take for granted lies an invisible negative cycle. And LOOP wants to change it.

Unlimited Fashion

Speculative / Fashion Design

This is a speculative design about the future of fashion. After studying the history of fashion, I speculated on a possible fashion industry model in the future and considered the value system of the whole industry based on the contradiction between brands and craftsmen.


Bi-level Therapy Systems

Product Design

This is a home rehabilitation device developed for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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